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Iced MoxTea - Your ideal cold drink this Summer!

(Photo Credit: Our creative MoxTea drinkers!) MoxTea, can be enjoyed year-round! Now with the Season shifting from Winter to Spring to Summer, the days gradually go from cold to warm to hot. On those hot, humid days what better way to cool off than with a refreshing Iced MoxTea! Here's an easy recipe for Iced MoxTea:  Prepare your MoxTea as you usually would, with 2 tsps of MoxTea steeped for 3-5 minutes in water just below boiling. Here's where things get cool - Refrigerate your MoxTea for about 30minutes to an hour. Take a little sip to check if it's cooled down enough. Add a few ice cubes and, if preferred, a slice of lemon, peach, strawberry or your favourite fruit infusion. Add...

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MoxTea to regain focus and energy after meals!

Ever notice that soon after lunchtime you start feeling a bit tired. This mid-day slump is partly due to your body digesting food it has just eaten. Energy that you need to focus and return to work is instead being diverted to digest the meal you've just eaten.  MoxTea's blend was carefully chosen in consideration of all factors that can drain energy. That is why we've included herbs such as Rose, Cinnamon, Icelandic Moss, and Gingko Biloba leaves that all are specifically known to aid with digestion. That's not all! These herbs, among the others, are also used to lower heart rate and improve blood circulation. This means your bodies energy is not being used too heavily on keeping your...

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And our New MoxTea flavour is...

MoxTea is excited to introduce our NEW FLAVOR!  Chai Moxie A 100% Natural blend of Black Tea leaves, Ginger, Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamon, and Love. As with our Viking Moxie, MoxTea's Chai Moxie is a beautiful sidekick as it helps Boost Energy & Lower Anxiety. Further, our Chai aids with digestion, strengthens the immune system, and is antioxidant rich! With the delicious taste and aroma of the fresh ingredients, with subtle vanilla and ginger undertones, you'll fall in love with MoxTea's Chai blend! Give it a Chai! Also featured in this month's Newsletter here:

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