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Spring is here! Enjoy MoxTea 100% Natural Energy Boost in all seasons!

Spring is in full swing! (or full spring)! The sun is shining, buds are poking through the soil, birds are singing, and cafes and patios are teeming with happy people! There is nothing nicer in this season, than sitting outside sipping a fresh made cup of MoxTea! Remember that if you need a beverage to cool down, MoxTea tastes great chilled. Simply steep MoxTea in hot water as you normally would, then let cool in the fridge for about an hour. Whatever you prefer you can add! Some great suggestions that go nicely are ice cubes, mint, lemon, or other Spring/Summer fruits!  We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and having a 'tea'riffic day!

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The Toronto Yoga Show!

MoxTea had a 'tea'riffic time this past weekend working with Libretea at the annual Toronto Yoga Show! We met tons of great people who are serious about their health and improving each and every day. It was fantastic reaching out to more customers and letting them try our MoxTea in their beautiful Libretea bottles. It made our day hearing how they loved the aroma, flavour, and the overall sense of wellness from our ancient Viking blend! It just proved the point that yoga and MoxTea are a match made in heaven! :)  Namaste and happy steeping! 

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Happy Easter Weekend!

Wishing everyone a happy Easter, holiday weekend! After the Easter Egg hunt, we hope you relax with family, chocolate, and of course a nice cup of MoxTea!  Did you know that when traditional regular tea and a cup of MoxTea are placed in front of a group of cute bunnies, the bunnies always choose MoxTea? Okay we made that up but it's likely to happen. If anyone wants to send us some cute bunnies, we'll be happy to test it out! 

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