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Summer MoxTea flavours in full bloom!

As the thermometer rises with each day of Summer, so too does our creativity for mixing cool summer drinks using MoxTea! The refreshing drink pictured was made using half MoxTea, brewed and chilled, then adding pink lemonade and strawberries. It's easy to make, delicious, and more importantly will cool you down on a sunny, hot day!  We'd love to hear recipes that you've created using MoxTea! Please share on social media Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter or drop us a note at 

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The MoxTea ritual! Taking tea to a whole new level!

Since MoxTea launched we've heard from so many that MoxTea has become their daily ritual! It's no wonder the Vikings, Romans, and Chinese used these very same herbs every day to improve their health and overall wellbeing. We love hearing how people now turn to MoxTea when they feel like a natural boost of energy or to calm down in times of stress. MoxTea has even converted many coffee addicts! No longer do they suffer from caffeine crashes or jitters. One avid MoxTea drinker Paul told us "I have stopped having my morning coffee as I feel Moxtea gives me the energy I need to get through the day"     With such a beautiful taste and aroma, many have also...

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How to make a Refreshing Ice MoxTea! A Seasonal change :)

Tea, specifically MoxTea, can be enjoyed year-round! Now with the Season shifting from Winter to Spring to Summer, the days begin to go from cold to warm to hot. On those hot, humid days it is often nice to cool down and refresh with an icy beverage. It just so happens MoxTea is the ideal drink for those hot, sunny days. Here's an easy recipe for Ice MoxTea:  Prepare your MoxTea as you usually would, with 2 tsps of the loose leaf herbs steeped for 3-5 minutes in water just below boiling. Here's where things get cool - Refrigerate your cup of MoxTea for about 30minutes to an hour. Take a little sip to check if it's cooled down enough. Add...

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