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Spring is here! Enjoy MoxTea 100% Natural Energy Boost in all seasons!

Spring is in full swing! (or full spring)! The sun is shining, buds are poking through the soil, birds are singing, and cafes and patios are teeming with happy people! There is nothing nicer in this season, than sitting outside sipping a fresh made cup of MoxTea! Remember that if you need a beverage to cool down, MoxTea tastes great chilled. Simply steep MoxTea in hot water as you normally would, then let cool in the fridge for about an hour. Whatever you prefer you can add! Some great suggestions that go nicely are ice cubes, mint, lemon, or other Spring/Summer fruits!  We hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and having a 'tea'riffic day!

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Meditation in the Art of Tea

There is something distinctly meditative in art! Whether this involve the finished piece itself or the process. When focusing on creating art, you often completely lose yourself, and forget time & any worries. As you work on patterns or a unique design, any anguish you feel can magically evaporate. This reflects how meditation and the act of meditating need not only involve sitting for a prolonged period. There are many fantastic ways to practice mindfulness. One of the most ancient is in the art of preparing tea, or MoxTea! If you have time, use it to enjoy the process of steeping your cup or pot of tea. Focus on all the senses. The look, touch or warmth, the aroma/smell, the...

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MoxTea blog review! From YogababyMama Gift Guide

Yogababymama reviewed and recommended MoxTea on her terrific blog! She runs a "wellness site for mind-body mamas"! So happy you loved MoxTea Meg  :)  Here's the review/gift guide:  Here’s a taste of some of my favorite gifts for this year. To start here’s a small gift that is sure to please a tea drinker in your life. MoxTea is a wonderful herbal tea that lets you be “as smart as a fox.” It’s a beautiful loose leaf blend that naturally boosts energy and lowers stress. This blend contains ancient Viking herbs such as Icelandic moss. It immediately made its way into my tea rotation.

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