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MoxTea is loved by both humans AND pets!

One thing we love about running MoxTea is our customers! Their a 'tea'riffic bunch. After they've tried MoxTea, they are so excited that they share amazing photos of MoxTea being enjoyed! Often we see that it's not only themselves that appreciate MoxTea, but their 4 legged family members/friends! Check out this gallery of cute little pets wanting a taste of MoxTea. From Cats to Dogs to even Squirrels:  

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Happy Easter Weekend!

Wishing everyone a happy Easter, holiday weekend! After the Easter Egg hunt, we hope you relax with family, chocolate, and of course a nice cup of MoxTea!  Did you know that when traditional regular tea and a cup of MoxTea are placed in front of a group of cute bunnies, the bunnies always choose MoxTea? Okay we made that up but it's likely to happen. If anyone wants to send us some cute bunnies, we'll be happy to test it out! 

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