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How to make a Refreshing Ice MoxTea! A Seasonal change :)

Tea, specifically MoxTea, can be enjoyed year-round! Now with the Season shifting from Winter to Spring to Summer, the days begin to go from cold to warm to hot. On those hot, humid days it is often nice to cool down and refresh with an icy beverage. It just so happens MoxTea is the ideal drink for those hot, sunny days. Here's an easy recipe for Ice MoxTea:  Prepare your MoxTea as you usually would, with 2 tsps of the loose leaf herbs steeped for 3-5 minutes in water just below boiling. Here's where things get cool - Refrigerate your cup of MoxTea for about 30minutes to an hour. Take a little sip to check if it's cooled down enough. Add...

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Happiness is...TEA!

Happiness comes in many forms. For tea-addicts like myself, happiness comes in warm cup after a patient steep. We love the steam, the look, the taste, and especially the aroma of tea. MoxTea is what keeps me going through the day! With every cup I feel refreshed and reinvigorated. The thing about MoxTea, or tea in general, is that it can be enjoyed practically anywhere in any situation. For instance, as I write this post a cup of MoxTea is steaming beside me and fuelling my inspiration. You can enjoy tea early morning to help you wake-up, after a meal to help your tummy settle, or after a long exhausting day. There's nothing more magical than curling up on the coach...

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The Surprising Ways Tea Can Make You a Better Writer

  Isn't it beautiful how Tea can benefit so many areas in your life. Tea has been especially used to get the creative juices flowing. Here's an article (shortened in areas) that details how tea can be used to enhance the writer's life. Originally from  It makes an interesting read. Note that MoxTea contains ancient herbs that have all the benefits as listed in the article. A cup of MoxTea will boost your energy, lower your stress, and leave you feeling focused and refreshed!  ""   The great C.S. Lewis was quoted as saying: “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” Turns out he wasn’t the only writer who loved...

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