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Meditation in the Art of Tea

There is something distinctly meditative in art! Whether this involve the finished piece itself or the process. When focusing on creating art, you often completely lose yourself, and forget time & any worries. As you work on patterns or a unique design, any anguish you feel can magically evaporate. This reflects how meditation and the act of meditating need not only involve sitting for a prolonged period. There are many fantastic ways to practice mindfulness. One of the most ancient is in the art of preparing tea, or MoxTea! If you have time, use it to enjoy the process of steeping your cup or pot of tea. Focus on all the senses. The look, touch or warmth, the aroma/smell, the...

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MoxTea Foxy Valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! The MoxTea Foxy wants to celebrate by showing everyone that foxes are not just cunning or sly but genuine romantics!  From Bored Panda Talented Dutch photographer Roeselien Raimond takes stunning photos of wild foxes. For this year’s Valentine’s day she agreed to give Bored Panda an exclusive interview and talk about how attentive and loving foxes are, despite the popular belief that they are mean and deceitful creatures.“I know of no animal that shows as much love and affections as foxes do. That could be because I know no animal, like I know foxes, but that’s not the point here. The point is….love. Foxy love to be more precise”.“Foxes are known to be smart, false, deceitful...

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Happiness is...TEA!

Happiness comes in many forms. For tea-addicts like myself, happiness comes in warm cup after a patient steep. We love the steam, the look, the taste, and especially the aroma of tea. MoxTea is what keeps me going through the day! With every cup I feel refreshed and reinvigorated. The thing about MoxTea, or tea in general, is that it can be enjoyed practically anywhere in any situation. For instance, as I write this post a cup of MoxTea is steaming beside me and fuelling my inspiration. You can enjoy tea early morning to help you wake-up, after a meal to help your tummy settle, or after a long exhausting day. There's nothing more magical than curling up on the coach...

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