Iced MoxTea - Your ideal cold drink this Summer!

MoxTea - Iced MoxTea!

(Photo Credit: Our creative MoxTea drinkers!)

MoxTea, can be enjoyed year-round! Now with the Season shifting from Winter to Spring to Summer, the days gradually go from cold to warm to hot. On those hot, humid days what better way to cool off than with a refreshing Iced MoxTea!

Here's an easy recipe for Iced MoxTea

  • Prepare your MoxTea as you usually would, with 2 tsps of MoxTea steeped for 3-5 minutes in water just below boiling.
  • Here's where things get cool Refrigerate your MoxTea for about 30minutes to an hour. Take a little sip to check if it's cooled down enough.
  • Add a few ice cubes and, if preferred, a slice of lemon, peach, strawberry or your favourite fruit infusion. Add sugar/honey/agave if you like things a little more sweet or perhaps a sprig of Mint. Be creative!
  • Enjoy! Cool down with an Iced Tea while gaining all the energy boosting/stress busting benefits of MoxTea! 


  • If it's the weekend you can make an Italian MoxTea by simply following the above steps but with also mixing in a shot of sweet Vermouth! 

Happy Steeping and let MoxTea help keep you cool!