How cute! Ducklings nursed back to health in a teacup!

MoxTea - Duckings raised in a teacup!
Here's a story guaranteed to make you smile and probably say 'awww'. These lucky ducklings were nursed back to health in a teacup. See how tea and anything related to tea is truly magical! Especially MoxTea! Here's the story: 
A pair of tiny abandoned ducklings found battling against waves after being washed out to sea are being nursed back to health - in a teacup.
The fluffy birds were saved from a watery grave when they were found by passing canoeist Chris Murray.
He plucked the pair out of the sea and brought them back to land in his canoe. He then took them to Pennywell Farm, in Buckfastleigh, Devon, where they are recovering from their terrifying ordeal.
Now the tiny creatures are happily paddling around in a small white cup. The ducklings, which are only a few centimetres tall only take up half of the cup's space.
The birds were washed into the sea via the Erme estuary.