Meditation in the Art of Tea

MoxTea - Mindfulness in preparing tea

There is something distinctly meditative in art! Whether this involve the finished piece itself or the process. When focusing on creating art, you often completely lose yourself, and forget time & any worries. As you work on patterns or a unique design, any anguish you feel can magically evaporate. This reflects how meditation and the act of meditating need not only involve sitting for a prolonged period. There are many fantastic ways to practice mindfulness. One of the most ancient is in the art of preparing tea, or MoxTea! If you have time, use it to enjoy the process of steeping your cup or pot of tea. Focus on all the senses. The look, touch or warmth, the aroma/smell, the satisfying sound of pouring MoxTea into your favourite mug, and of course the taste with each sip! Now after you finish your MoxTea, ask yourself 'How much better do I feel now than before?' I'm confident your answer will be 'I feel fantastic!' :)Β 

Happy Steeping!Β