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Here's a list of the top 5 places of travel for tea lovers!

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Top 5 Tea Countries Every Tea Lover Should Visit

  Travelers Today   By: Joseph Peter Capaque - 

Tea is a great alternative to coffee. It is refreshing and relaxing. It even contains antioxidants that delay premature aging. It comes with a lot of flavors from earl grey, lemon-infused, minty, to green. Here are the countries where tea is produced. Visit these places and drink tea fresh from the source.

Top 5: Vietnam
Beginning in the 1880, Vietnam has always been growing tea. The tea production in this country has been well received since then with expansion of the business in Europe and Africa. Vietnam grows a tea variety endemic to the country, shan tuyet. Ask for this variety in your Vietnam vacation. This country produces 4 percent of the world's tea.
Top 4: Sri Lanka
British James Taylor was the one who began a tea plantation in Kandy City, Sri Lanka. The Ceylon tea produced in this country caught the attention of the famous writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It is not surprising that the former name of Sri Lanka is Ceylon, the place where tea varieties such as Ceylon green, Ceylon black and Ceylon white are produces. This country produces 6.3 percent of the world's tea.
Top 3: Kenya
Tea from this country comes from small farms. This means that a few businessmen do not own the tea industry. Lately, Kenya has been pushing innovation, development, and research in its tea production. Now, it is growing new tea varieties for all tea lovers to enjoy. This country produces 8 percent of the world's tea.
Top 2: India
The second largest tea producer in the world, India is one big tea-drinking country. Hot tea here is enjoyed with milk and milk products. The delicious Darjeeling and Assam tea varieties come from India. This country produces 22.6 percent of the world's tea.
Top 1: China
Chinese people definitely drink tea. Go to their kitchen counter and you'd most probably see several jars holding different tea varieties. Ever since 2,737 BCE, China through Emperor Shennong, has been growing and drinking tea. Green, oolong, jasmine, yellow and white tea are grown and produced in China. This country produces 36 percent of the world's tea.

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